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Steve and Charlie:
J.C. would come by the Club Savoy on Sunday afternoons while we working
there in the 50's . The club was in Boston where Higgy was living at the
time. Played great unless it was a bad booze day. Even then, he was great
for several hours before going home.
The Savoy gig by the way was 5 hrs. per night ---7 days per week with a
Sunday afternoon matinee. Don;t complain about long gigs, guys. We worked
there once for 42 straight days. The chops were all in good shape at the end
of that particular stay.
Another  sit-in was our friend, Sid Deparis, who came up from NYC to spend a
week with a girl friend . Came in every night at the 2nd set and played 2
sets. I have a tape that is poorly recorded but on which Sid is audible. He
like playing 2nd cornet as did Davison.
Gene Mayl
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> Charlie Hooks wrote:
> "Hey, Ron?  Mention him again.  Higginbotham was one helluva player!"
> Not only one helluva player but a helluva guy. In our youth in New York
> City some 50 odd years ago, Jack Fine (trumpet) and I gigged with Higgy
> a few times and also attended some great loft parties with him. Many
> fond memories of this under appreciated OKOMer. Those were that days.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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