[Dixielandjazz] Storyville musical

Dan Augustine dixielandjazz@ml.islandnet.com
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 22:58:37 -0500

     Whilst at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee i heard the Devil Mountain 
Jazz Band and liked them a lot, so i bought a CD of theirs entitled 
_You Asked for More!_  One of the songs on it is called "Chauncy's 
Tune: Little Enough" (or usually "Little Enough"), written by Turk 
     The liner notes say of this delightful song, "'Little Enough' was 
written in 1982 by Turk Murphy for an Off-Broadway show, 
_Storyville_, which had a short run in 1984.  This has become the 
DMJB's most requested tune in recent years." You could have knocked 
me over with a feather if you had told me that Turk wrote this 
tune--it's completely different from his trombone-playing style.
     Well!  First i've heard of this musical.  Turk enthusiast that i 
am, i did some Googling and found a number of other bands that do it. 
I also found a site at Yale that said that Toni Morrison wrote "the 
story for the musical Storyville, which is about jazz music 
originating in the brothels of New Orleans."  I also found a webpage 
for Kenny Ard, where it said that "1985: Co-writer, producer, musical 
director, and actor in original musical, "Storyville, a Sweet 
Sportin' Proposition", featuring historically accurate plot and 
music."  The musical "Storyville" is also mentioned in Jim Goggin's 
_Turk Murphy: Just for the Record_ (Turk says that Bill Oakley wants 
to use the song "Some Other Time" in it).  Are all of these 
references accurate?
     OK, that's the sum total i was able to find on Turk and this 
musical.  Anyone know any more about it?  Was it ever recorded or 
taped or filmed?  And where, may i be excuuuuuuused! if i continue to 
ask, is the massive biography of Turk Murphy that i want to read?  On 
second thought, skip it.  Instead i think i'll build myself a time 
machine and go back to the late 1940's and the 1950's and experience 
Turk, the Assuntos, the De Paris brothers, and all the great bands i 
missed the first time around (wasn't payin' attention....).

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