[Dixielandjazz] chops

Ron Going dixielandjazz@ml.islandnet.com
Mon, 03 Jun 2002 10:51:27 -0500

Hi Jim,
I hope you recover soon.
I had a similar experience  a few years back, but with a clarinet. We 
were playing for a Harbor Cruise Party boat in the L.A./ Long Beach 
harbor. A very crowded boat on a hot summer night and the band in 
tuxedos.  The place was very crowded and one of the dancers backed into 
the bell of my horn, starting to shove it down my throat. The 
penetration stopped when the ligature reached my teeth, on the other 
side of my lip. I no longer play with my eyes closed unless I know that 
no one will be anywhere near that close.

James Kashishian wrote:

>It finally happened!  Last nite, on the last note of the last song of
>our first set I used my horn to give the cue to the drummer (a sub) that
>we were ending, and suddenly felt a terrible pain in my face.  When I
>opened my eyes my slide was before me on the floor, my face was painful
>& gushing blood!  I had hit a stool with my slide (it is never, ever
>there in that spot), and my mouthpiece had gone right through my lip!!
>First thing I did was recover my slide (still don't know how it left my
>hand?), and made sure it was ok.  Great....no damage whatsoever.  Told
>the audience we were going to take a short break, trying not to bleed
>too much on the microphone, and made a bee-line to the toilet.  
>A half hour of ice, and we were back on, but I was the resident singer &
>presenter only.  Today, I've got swollen chops, a bandage across my
>face, and hoping to be back in shape for next Thursday's gig.  It's a
>swank hotel, and we play acoustic & quiet, so I just might get away with
>it!  Drag! 
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