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<< Would love to know if Elton John, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton will be
 playing.  Love them all. >>

Hi Rebecca,

7.30 God Save the Queen performed by Brian may of QueenH e will be joined by 
surviving members of Queen, Roger Taylor,John Deacon, Phil Collins Plus 
Symphony Orch for a selection of Queen Classics.
7.50 Lenny Henry,Ben Elton,Dame Edna and Rick Martin who will perform his two 
hits, The Cup of Life and La Vida Loca withg girl trio Mis-Teeq
7.55 Motown Medley. Phil CollinsBaby Spice, Atomic Kitten.
8.15 Piercs Brosnan and Shirley Bassey.
8.20 Bryan Adams
8.25. S Club 7 with Bryan May and Cliff Richard
8.35. Ozzy Osbourne plus Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath.
9.15 Goodness Gracious Me. This is a very popular radio and TV show written 
and performed by Indians (from India)  which is quite daring as they poke fun 
at their own  `more than British`  ways. This is a special request by the 
Queen who is a fan of the creator, Meera Syal. She gave her the MDE recently.
9.20 Elton John
9.25 Ruby Wax (good grief!) Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, The Corrs.
9.35 Joe Cocker,Brian May. Steve Winwood singing With a little help from my 
9.40 Ray Davies. He used to front The Kinks
9.45 Tom Jones. Blue (They are a boys band)
9.50 Rod Stewart
9.55 Annie Lennox. Former Eurythmics star
10 Paul MacCartney,Eric Clapton, The Corrs
10.25 All performers re group and sing that awful,banal,interminable dirge 
All you need is love (Ta ta tatata)
10.30 Prince Charles will make a speech with three cheers for the queen.
10.45. The Queen will light the Golden Jubilee Beacon completing a chain of 
1800 beacons worldwide. I shall be able to see one of them from my house, if 
it stops raining. 

After typing that lot out for Rebecca I thought that there may be a few 
others who may feel like dabbling in nostalgia so I have sent it to the list.
May I be forgiven.

Musical Content. None whatsoever as far as I can see.