[Dixielandjazz] Where Am I - Get Me Off This List"

Stephen Barbone dixielandjazz@ml.islandnet.com
Sun, 02 Jun 2002 23:17:28 -0400

Henry Stinson wrote re the ongoing problem of the man who doesn't want
to be here.

find on either the bottom of the DJML emails or on the web page
at the link provided at the bottom of the DJML emails.  So even if
WE wanted to unsubscribe, we couldn't."

List mates:

There are instructions on how to unsubscribe. They are at

This address is at the top of each "digest" if you receive digest form.
If not, please go to that address and scroll down to the bottom of the
information sheet. There, you will find a box to put your e mail address
in and further instructions how to unsubscribe. Even a "dufus" should be
able to find this. (Not that I would call anyone that) :-) VBG.

Steve Barbone

PS. Regarding dufus' and people who don't make good impressions because
they forget to spell check or are not language experts, it is good to
remember that one of the benefits of getting older and hopefully, more
secure, is who cares?  Remember, our English brothers laugh at "Merican"
and how we murder the King's English. Too bad, but it's their problem if
it bothers them isn't it?