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Thanks, "LITTLE GIRL"!!
I'm glad I know who the gentleman is...and I'm sorry I made my statement to
him!! He must be getting along in years!!
Ted Shafer called me the other day with DESPERATION in his voice which I
recognize from having been there!! His band is playing on Mare Island today,
and I guess Bob Shultz couldn't make it, so I'm subbing for him. (Freddie's
playing too)
Take care, stay healthy, and behave!!!
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>Bob Grinstead is up in years, not sure of his exact age, but he plays tuba
>still leads a band, The La Salle St JB, mostly playing for retirement
>and rest homes.  I found his name listed with in an old Watters Navy band,
>the photo was not clear.  He occasionally shows up at our local jazz club,
>a jam set.
>Dottie Lawless
>John Farrell wrote:
>> According to Rebecca Thompson
>>  "After age 50, some things take longer to learn."
>> I left my 50th birthday behind me some years ago and since then have had
>> problem with learning those things which I want to learn. My difficulty
>> comes in remembering them (for instance the changes of "All The Things
>> Are") .   .   . How the devil do concert pianists commit to memory all
>> lengthy concertos note-for-note? There must be a trick to it - I wouldn't
>> able to tell you what I had for lunch yesterday.
>> Here in England we have an expression "Old Git" (which equates to the
>> transatlantic Old Fogey) which I notice is becoming increasingly popular
>> with my kids when they  visit me. Usually they tack "Grumpy" in front of
>> At least I have learned how to get off this list (I wonder if Bob
>> is related to that splendid pianist Dan Grinstead of Seattle?).
>> John Farrell
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