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Hello friends,

Pat Ladd wrote:

>There is another book in the field of phonetics. It called `M`dheure guises
>Raims` (see below) and is a series of nursery rhymes apparently written  in
>French. However it makes no sense unless read phonetically, in English. 
>then it is not easily decipherable.
>I make a point of leaving it in the rooms of any French visitors we have. 
>causes chaos.

This reminds me of what happened when "Fast Eddie" Erickson was on tour in 
France with Big Mama Sue Kroninger. Eddie is an accomplished banjoist and is 
also a very funny man. He finds humor in just about all of life's 

Anyway, Eddie sings "C'est ce Bon" (spelling?) as he plays the banjo and the 
lyrics are "faux French" - that is, they are words that sound like French 
(in many cases actual French words) and which are familiar to all English 
speaking listeners . . . such as 'Chevrolet' 'menage a trois' and so on. The 
words are in no specific order and, of course, they mean absolutely nothing 
in this musical context. But Eddie sings them with great expression and the 
result is absolute hilarity.

Well, While in La Belle France, Mama Sue persuaded Eddie to perform this 
number for a French audience. Eddie was reluctant, but forged ahead anyway. 
The result was exactly what you would expect. Absolute silence with 
puzzlement all over the faces of the throng.

To me, that makes it even funnier.


Bill "How Do You Say 'Beer' in French?" Gunter

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