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Dear John Farrell,
Here you are.
All you wanted to know about Emma Chizit, and more.....
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(Extracts from a web site on the subject.)
In 1965, Ure Smith in Sydney published "Let Stalk Strine", by the creative
genius, Afferbeck Lauder.=A0 The companion volume was called "Nose Tone Untur=
 On the front, and throughout the books, there were charicatures of 'yer av=
Strine'.=A0They were portrayed as 'typical' Australians, having sometimes ina=
conversations, which the reader had to attempt to translate into English - =
these people were talking 'Strine'. It was very cleverly done.=A0 ......count=
hours of fun trying to relax my mind and 'feel' the words. If you were too
literal the words looked and sounded like gibberish, but if you let them ro=
off your tongue as you read them aloud, eventually you were rewarded with a
flash of recognition.
Let Stalk Strine. Try it a few times. Does it ring any bells? =A0 If you're n=
completely confused you just might have worked out that 'Let Stalk Strine'
translates into 'Let's talk Australian'.=A0
The books are based on the experience and humour of Alistair Morrison, bett=
known as Afferbeck Lauder.
Consider the following real life experience of British novelist Monica Dick=
as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on 30 November 1964. Monica was si=
copies of her latest book at a bookstore in Sydney, when a lady handed her =
book, saying "Emma Chisit?"=A0 The author dutifully wrote, 'To Emma Chisit' i=
the front cover of the book and passed it back.=A0 The lady was saying in her=
Strine, "How much is it?", but being from the Motherland, Monica couldn't
understand her.=A0 Alistair Morrison was inspired by this event, to write a
Strine-English phrasebook, using the pseudonym Afferbeck Lauder, which is i=
a Strine phrase. The phrasebook is set out in alphabetical order.

For lot's more info, pull up Google, type in Let's talk strine or Emma Chiz=
Then follow the links.