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Hello All

As I remember the Emma Chissit thing it was supposed to have taken place in
Australia at a book signing by a well-known authoress whose name I can't
call to mind.  It led to the publication of a book called Let Stalk Strine -
a phonetic rendition of how Australians are supposed to say "Let's Talk

The idea caught on and in the UK books were published for several of the
regional accents - Geordie (North  East), Scouse (Liverpool) and so on.  The
one for our area of the North Midlands was called "Arfer Tow Crate in Staffy
Cher" (How to talk correctly in Staffordshire)..... one entry I remember was
"Kind Slice" which is "Council House" in the local dialect.

Musical Content? Happy Talk?

All the best
Keith Garner
The Five Towns Footwarmers

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I have been entertained by this tale.

Odds are it is of Australian origin.

Go to www.google.com and use the search term (include the quotation
marks) "Emma Chissit".

You'll see that it seems to be of Australian origin, and may be an
urban legend there.

Larry Swain

> Actually, I had heard it that he was in Australia at the time,
> but wasn't sure, so I put what I thought was more logical.
> Don't think it is an urban legend.  Think I heard it on NPR,
> when the author was telling the joke on himself.
> It's a really funny story when one hears it instead of reads it.
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