[Dixielandjazz] Jinken

Dan Augustine ds.augustine@mail.utexas.edu
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 11:02:10 -0500


The Golden Gate Rhythm Machine, "Big Machine" CD (GGRM Productions 
GGRM002, 1998)

     OK, i can't stand it any more.  On the GGRM's CD above, song #12 
is "Jinken", which i can't stop from looping through my mind; i like 
it, yeah, but not continuously.  Scott Anthony says this about it in 
the liner-notes:

"We're not even sure of the actual title of 'Jinken.'  Bob Schulz, 
Jim R. and John were playing a hotel convention job for a Japanese 
group awhile ago.  The host asked for the 'Bunny Hop' which the band 
proceeded to try to play.  He ran over during the tune and said, 'No, 
no, not that one!'  The next night the host returned with a cassette 
having mutliple copies copies of this tune on it.  Jim R. wrote out a 
nice arrangement for it, and here it is.  It is supposedly based on 
an old Russian folk dance, and is used in Japan for the Bunny Hop." 
(All _sic_.)

     My question is, does anyone know what the real name of this tune 
is?  It's in C minor and goes: bum, bum, bum-a-lum-a-lum (repeated). 
Or the name of the old Russian folk dance?  Plus, is this the only 
dixieland-version of a Bunny Hop song?  Do we still have a Japanese 
rep on DJML? GGRM does a good job with this and the other tunes on 
the CD. I just wish i could get it out of my head....

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