[Dixielandjazz] Re: Repairing Tubas

Henry B. Stinson HenryStinson@earthlink.net
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 18:39:37 -0400

There was something on NPR about this.
It's an excellent method that uses steel roller balls
and extremely powerful magnets.  It was demonstrated
on the air (???? yes, on radio, but on NPR), and according
to the announcer who watched was extremely fast and 100%
effective.  The inventor said he'd tested purposely denting
a tuba in the same place and repairing it multiple times.  Using
the old method with hammers, the metal cracked on the 12th
repair.  Using his method, he gave up after the 612th time on
the same spot.  Try searching the NPR website.

Harry Epp wrote:

> Dear Listmates:
> I was sent an article about a new way to take out dents in tuba's without
> destroying the sound and costing a fortune.
> I will be glad to forward the article to anyone interested. But I will be
> abroad from 9-3 to9-17
> Respectfully
> Harry Epp
> Muskat Ramblers
> Ft Lauderdale FL
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