[Dixielandjazz] A new thread!

Vilcad (Ron Gable) Vilcad \(Ron Gable\)" <vilcad@earthlink.net
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 02:32:05 -0400

Hello listers,

I've been on this list for a while now, not near as long as most of you, and
I have been reading many of your messages.  Many like the one from Steve
Barbone on Ellington's New CD release from Blue Note is really interesting
and educational.  Many like trying to remember songs that end with a
question or old romantic songs from past wars or whatever.  I'm thinking get
a life, are we stewing in the juices of by gone days?

All of us on this list are using a very powerful tool, and most should be
able to play a game that is entertaining and education to those with an
interest in OKOM.  My challenge to you is to start a new thread with the
following rules:

I will start this thread off by posting to the mail list two or three links
to web pages.  Accompanying each link is to be an explanation of the general
point of interest to be obtained from the specific link.

You, if you're so inclined, visit those links and report you impressions
back to the list and then present your own two or three link with comments.

Simple enough, a couple of additional rules:

1. All subject matter must be OMOM related.

2. The goals should not be overly technical, they should be for
entertainment and to expand our knowledge of what is currently on the
Internet about OKOM that we wouldn't normally come across.


Link #1 is:


This is the bios page for the musicians of Dave Greer's Classic Jazz
Stompers in Dayton, Ohio.  I know this band very  well and would be willing
to put them up against any past or present.  You should read the notes for
each member before proceeding to the next link.

Link #2 is:


This is the one of the Jazz Art pages on my website.  All the pictures on
this particular page were done by one of the members of the above band.
This, I hope, demonstrates that there is more to the art of jazz than just
music.  This also, I hope, demonstrates something that was interesting and
educational to you.  If so, I'm looking forward to your links.

Thanks for your input,

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