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<< Everybody knew the lyrics! Including some of the widows who had never 
spent a 
 day in England.  >>

Hi Rob

Vera Lynn`s voice was distinctive and instantly recognisable and with `We`ll 
meet again` and `Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover` she came to 
represent the girl at home for thousands of soldiers.. Not only from her many 
radio performances but also from the personal appearances she made for 
Servicemen in many of the theatres of war. We (the Brits) had an organisation 
called ENSA who supplied artistes,singers,comedians,musicians etc., to the 
armed forces throughout the war. Some were unknowns, some were stars, Noel 
Coward toured Egypt and India for instance. I cannot remember now what the 
initials ENSA stood for but to the troops it meant Every Night Something 
>From the Battery Concert party of his regiment in Italy emerged Spike 
Milligan and Harry Secombe, with the first steps towards what became `The 
Funny thing about songs though, Montgomery`s Eigth Army in the Western 
Desert, the Desert Rats, adopted one of the German armies songs and Marlene 
Deitrich singing `Underneath the lamplight, by the barrack gate` turned Lili 
Marlene into their signature tune, sung with gusto at every reunion.

For a really poignant song though  there was one from WW1  with which my 
father would reduce me tears as a kid.

I want to go home
I want to go home
I dont want to go to the trenches no more
Where Maxims and Johnsons whistle and roar
Take me over the sea
Where the Germans  cannot get at me
Oh!, my, I don`t want to die,
I want to go home.

Not many of the poor bastards did go home though.