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Mary Rodgers wrote "Once Upon a Mattress."  I also recall (I hope I remember
this accurately.  If it wasn't the brush it was a similar type of household
tool that is still in use today.) that Richard's wife invented the toilet
OKOM connection.
"I'm Gonna Brush That Man Right Out of My Hair"
G. William Oakley
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> >Did he write any lyrics early on in his career? I don't know.<
> That show you mention was late in his career, so I still don't know if he
> wrote any lyrics "early on", and if he did and anyone knows, please
> Also, Rodgers' daughter wrote a show as well -- not sure if it went
> or not, and she is rarely mentioned in the composer arena.
> Don Ingle
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> Richard Rodgers eventually wrote a show all by himself. (No Strings)
> Great tune is "Lots of Lovely Love" - uses the circle - nice for improvs.
> Seems he couldn't get along with any lyricists at this point. He even
> Sondheim.
> I've heard that he died unhappy - waiting for the next hit show. (PBS
> interview)
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> Did he write any lyrics early on in his career? I don't know.
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