[Dixielandjazz] Re: Daybreak (was Another song for consideration)

Bill Gunter jazzboard@hotmail.com
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 15:59:34 +0000

Greetings Bill,

You wrote:

>The "Daybreak" you refer to is the Paul Whiteman version.
>Recorded 14 April 1932.
>Yes indeed, that was Tram you heard.

I had never heard the song until listmate Paul Reid brought it to our 
attention. I, of course, assumed that it was the later "Daybreak" song by 
Grofe. But when I did a search for the song I came upon a website which 
offered a clip of it and I was able to hear the intro and the first 
ensemble. I thought it was interesting and I enjoyed what I heard although 
it didn't send my pulse racing.

>There is another song called "Daybreak" (Harold Adamson, lyr - Ferde Grofe, 
>Frank Sinatra recorded it with Tommy Dorsey orch (a Sy Oliver arrangement 
>strings) on 1 July 1942.
>Typical smooth TD trombone and Frank of the time. Just as forgettable.

Well, it wasn't exactly 'forgettable' since I did remember that one 
including the lyrics. But, yes, it was one of those 'forties' songs that 
were cranked out, one after another, with remarkable regularity (regular 
enough so that the Lucky Strike 'Hit Parade' radio show had something 
different to do every week). What is remarkable is that most of the songs 
really had some quality to them and as I leaf through my fake books of the 
time to find danceable tunes for my 'one man band' to play at our local 
senior community clubhouse I encounter one song after another that everyone 
knows and remembers fondly.

By the way, my 'one man band' is just me with my midi set-up and 
Band-in-a-Box software. I sit at the keyboard, run BIAB with my laptop and 
Yamaha TG100 synth. BIAB plays very danceable rhythms and I just plunk out 
the melody and some fills on the keyboard. I even sing a couple. They keep 
asking me back so either they like me or they're too damn cheep to pay a 
real band!  :-)

>I will admit however, that the Hoagy tune is catchier.

Yeah . . . I think so too.



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