[Dixielandjazz] Darky McCarthy and Barnard gang

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Thu, 22 Aug 2002 23:52:32 -0400

Last time I saw John was at Davenport in early '80's.
Several of us went over to hear Bob Barnard's crew, and then got them a gig
in Michigan following the Iowa gig. Enroute east we stopped at a bar half
way there in Illinois, drank a humongous amount of beer, took pictures, then
our caravan continued. We stopped to have Barnard and all visit the famous
dance pavilion hall in Hudson Lake, IN, and there we had four cornet players
pose in front of the band stand where Bix and Murray and Mezzrow had played
and was written up in Mezzrow's book.
In front of the stand were Charlie DeVore, Tom Pletcher, Bob Barnard and
yours truly. Bob set an old shepard's crook cornet he'd picked up on a chair
on the stand, emblematic of Bix's spirit.
It was a fun tour. Earlier in '75, Barnard played the Bix Fest and so did
the Sons of Bix with which I played, and we hung out together for the
weekend. John Costelloe was still alive then, as was Wally Wickham, very
good mates. I felt so akin to the Ozians, from my Southwest rearing in
youthful years, and found I shared what we Yanks might call a"Cowboy" spirit
with them.
I have some treasured pictures of them all, as well as some of Lazy Ade and
Neville Stribling -- the young Simon's dad. Good mates, all!
Don Ingle

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> Dear friends,
> I know this threat has run its course, but I can't resist reporting that:
> DJML lurker, fine Oz clarinetist and me mate John McCarthy (Don Ingle will
> remember him as 'Darky') has just returned from a 2-week jazz tour of
> Norway and Japan with Geoff Bull's Olympia Jazz Band.
> John took his new Sony mini-disc recorder and has silent performances by
> band on several discs.
> Not intentional though. Somehow the recorder was in the 'hold' mode.
> Sorry for dobbing you in John.   8>)
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
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