[Dixielandjazz] Re; Seeking John Doner (Dick Baker) Not Dick Doner

Paul Reid whadayesay@webtv.net
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 18:45:08 -0700 (PDT)

Bill Horton wrote;

You said you'd been out of contact for 20 years. Could you be looking
for trombonist DICK Doner, instead of John Doner? Dick played many years
(starting in '79) with the Nightblooming Jazzmen, out of Claremont, CA.
Last time I heard them he wasn't with them, but if he's the one you're
looking for I'm sure some of the West Coaster's on this list will be
able to steer you right. 
Bill Horton


      Well, although Dick Doner is from Indiana, he never was residing
on the east coast. Before joining The Nightblooming Jazzmen, he lived
and played extensivily in the Los Angeles area. Did piano bar work in
and around the Long Beach area. I in the late 50's,60's and 70's also
played in many piano bars throughout all of Los Angeles, East Los
Angeles, and the South Bay area. The early 60's found me leader of a
trio I had been command of from Herb Geller, who left to do a tour of
South America. This was at the Pink Pussycat strip club in West L.A. It
had changed over from being, unfortunately, a jazz club where Terry
Gibbs dream band was created and recorded. Herb left Benny in South
America and migrated to Hamburg Germany.
       But I digress.
       Dick Doner is still alive and well, and playing with the NBJ.
This is not the same person as John Doner. Interesting, that they are
both trombone players. Dick actually is his middle name. Donald is his
first name.
           There used to be an organist named Dick Baker. Nawwwww, you
couldn't be.............

Ahhhhh, the web's we weave.

Uncle (Rumors Are Flying) Paul