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Robert S. Ringwald ringwald@calweb.com
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 12:27:11 -0700


Below is an inquiry from a fellow musician.  Can anyone help?

Placerville, CA USA

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From: "Sharp, Bill" <Sharp.B@monet.k12.ca.us>
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Subject: Email help

> I've been trying to reach the Hot Jazz Band of Hungary  to send them some
recordings by using the address the trumpet player wrote on a napkin, and
have tried 9 different variations of what it looks like, to no
avail - -since you are known to have every address of every musician on the
planet, including those not born yet, I was hoping you could help me link
up.  When I did a web search to find your address-- you yoursel seem to have
more addresses "than Carters has pills"  - - an expression which my mother
used to say, and I, after lo these many years  finally have a chance to
use - - -
> sharp guy