[Dixielandjazz] Most Poignant song

Jim Denham james@jiming.demon.co.uk
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 14:52:28 +0100

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>What you fellows think of ``good morning heartaches`` as a poignant song,
>the lyrics is very touching.
>Luis Daniel Flores
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"Good Morning Heartache" is a very good song, though its popularity (apart from
"Strange Fruit", the best-known Billie number, perhaps because of Allison
Moyet's cover a few years ago) tends to re-inforce the false image of Billie as

As for "Cottage for Sale": what a wonderful tune: sentimentality on an almost
existential scale! Jack Teagarden did a mind-blowing job of it on his
penultimate album "Think Well of Me" (1962) and when, on a previous occasion on
this list, I drew attention to it, I got a message from Willard Robison's

Talking of Teagarden, "I Just Couldn't Take it, Baby" never fails to bring a
tear to this cynical old eye.

Another (inexplicable) tear-jerker is the Ink Spots' version of "I'd Climb the
Highest Mountain" (maybe because of Bix, Tram and Lang and "For No Reason At
All in 'C'").

Yours sentimentally,

Jim Denham