[Dixielandjazz] Re.: poignant lines

Tito Martino tmartino@terra.com.br
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 03:21:22 -0300

<<<Lines just don't get more poignant than that.


Dear Charlie,=20
Let me agree with your appreciation of these nice lines, but also
disagree, because lines CAN get more poignant or can get more rejoicing
according to your present state of spirit and/or mood.  According to
circumstances, I like to take the mood for missing youth's happiness but
I like also to take the mood to rejoice  for getting older and wiser.
I'm sure you do the same cause you ARE a Jazzman, you dig it!?   Jazz is
truth and shall prevail.

End of sermon.   Bless you, Master!

Tito Martino
clarinet, s.sax, a.sax,
Tito Martino Jazz Band
S=E3o Paulo  Brasil =20