[Dixielandjazz] When October Goes

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>  Johnny Mercer, "our huckleberry friend," was certainly the ultimate
> lyricist, and in his long career he wrote with so many collaborators as to
> lose count. From Walter Donaldson to Henry Mancini, the list of musical
> partners is a long and varied one.
> I think the perfect pairing was that of Hoagy Carmichael. Here we had two
> "country boys" who could outslick the City Slickers any day in the week.
> By the way, perhaps the most unusual co-writer Mercer ever had was Barry
> Manilow. Mercer's widow Ginger found a lyric he'd penned but had never
> set to music.
> She asked Manilow to see if he could write music to go with it. While it
> no Billboard hit, it was a winning, if posthumously, addition to the
> Songbook -- a bittersweet tune called "I hate to see October Come."

Bob Ringwald adds his 2 cents:

I first heard "When October Goes" (the correct title), when I was present at
a recording session in Los Angeles for the vocalist Claudette Stone.
Claudette sang it beautifully.

On the session was pianist Ray Sherman, George Van Eps guitar, Dave Stone
bass & Gene Estes drums.  Also in attendance, as a spectator was Pete

The piece just knocked me out & has remained one of my all -time favorite


Placerville, CA  USA