[Dixielandjazz] Restoration of Art

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet@earthlink.net
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 09:30:01 -0400

Reminds me of Wild Bill Davison's comment? (maybe someone else, as I am
recalling it from memory banks) who responded to a question about a
banjo/guitar player ( Condon?) who was introduced to the audience on a live
recording as a accomplished plectorist. Question from a band member: "What's a
plectorist?" Answer from another band member: "That's just another name for 'a
. . hole'".

Somewhere, I believe I have that on a CD reissue where the sound was enhanced.

Re: "Barnacle Bill The Sailor", when doing this tune with Bill Barnes (cornet)
and The Southampton Dixie Racing and Clambake Society Jazz Band, circa 1950, we
had a whole set of bawdy lyrics worked out which, no doubt, originated in the

Steve (only the messenger) Barbone

Don Ingle wrote:

> One should be careful what one prays for -- he might just get it. Case in
> point, re: music sound restoration.
> Using the recording technology of 1930, a group of musicians including Bix
> made a record of "Barnacle Bill the Sailor." The record has been out for
> many years and until more modern recording, enhanced  in high fidelity, came
> along, no one noticed Joe Venuti's non-typical lyric addition. For 40 years
> collectors and listeners had thought Venuti's gravelly voice had said
> "Barnacle Bill the Sailor." With the sound cleaned up and enhanced in hi-fi,
> it was learned that he had in fact said "Barnacle Bill the a**hole."
> As I say, be careful what you ask for in sound restoration.
> Make certain the ladies and small children are not on hand for the first
> playback!