[Dixielandjazz] King Oliver/stereo

john Petters jpettjazz@btinternet.com
Sat, 17 Aug 2002 10:44:03 +0100

Anton said
> Whoa! David Parker's stereoisation "improves the sound"? This is heady
> stuff and an issue which polarises the re-issue collecting fraternity.
> I'm firmly on the side of the non or moderate interventionists. For me,
> Parker's process is just smoke-and-mirrors and I can't see how any amount
> of signal manipulation can produce stereo from a mono source. And, yes, I
> know about the variation of the vertical component with frequency in a
> laterally cut mono groove.
> The John R T Davies transfers are better than we have any right to expect
> and worrying about the sound quality is like looking at Michelangelo's
> Sistine Chapel frescoes and worrying about the condition of the plaster.
I agree completely. Restorer Dave Bennett, who himsdelf does a fine job,
played two versions of Louis Weatherbird, blindfold and asked which I
preferred. Showing my ignorance I opted for the Parker. Dave then said I had
in fact chosen a '50s Phillips vinyl pressing. The other (Parker) had reverb
and effects that in fact diminished the clarity of the recording. As for
John RT - he is a genius. Ted Kendall, who I understand learnt from John RT
is also in that league.

John Petters
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