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Kaye Wade Kaye@KayeWade.com
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 19:53:15 -0700

There are two songs with that name- "lonesomest gal in town".  here is
the one I do.  Chart to follow.

If you read in the paper some day, that a poor girl has passed away,
don't she a tear, if you should hear, that poor gal was me & if you see
- a picture in the paper with a smile on my face, I was broken hearted
and that smile is out of place-
so if you want to save a poor girl from her grave, just find me a man if
you can - cause

I'm the lonesomest gal in town
everybody has turned me down,
I ain't got no lovin' man to call me dear, I ain't got no honey man to
cuddle near,
But I'm learning to roll my eyes & some day you may be surprised-
When I steal somebody's lovin' man & kiss him with a smack,
I'll hug him & I'll squeeze him, but I'll never give him back
Cause I'm  lonesome, so very lonesome, yes I'm the lonesomest gal in
this here town.

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