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Dear Brian,
The following is from another list and is self explanatory.
Anyone you know?
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Subject: [australian-dance-bands] Bye  Bye  Blues  (1989)
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Dear All,

This  interesting Canadian  musical  film  of  World  War 2  is sure  to

Friday  16th. August  at  10.30pm  on  Foxtel  Channel  24   ( Hallmark )
running  time  2 hours!

Title:  "Bye Bye  Blues" ( Released  9th. September 1989  at  the  Toronto
Film  Festival )

Location shooting,  in & around Edmonton & Rowley Alberta, Canada

Featuring:  Rebecca  Jenkins  & Robyn  Stevan who won Best Actress  &
Supporting  Actress for this film, the  said film  also  won  a host of
other  awards!!

Plot Summary: Its  the  story  of a Wife  & Mother who  joins a local  dance
band to provide for family  while  husband  at  war.  Story  watches  the
progression  of  the  band  as it  grows  into a popular, successful
recording  &  touring  group. Excellent  music  &  soundtrack.

Trombone  work  by  Bob  Stroup

Soundtrack  Orchestrations  by  George  Blondheim

Some user comments:  Superbly  poignant, heartwrenching!!

Possibly the best Canadian  film ever shot!.  This  warm, real  look at WW2
life  abroad & on the home front  is a visual  and an emotional  tour de

Best  Wishes,