[Dixielandjazz] Strange "gigs"

benny theiler bennyth@ev1.net
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 20:47:28 -0500

In my 60 some-odd years of "gigs", two of the most memorable (I never want
to do again) that come to mind:  1.  (Oct. 1990)  Booked to play a four-hour
"October Fiest German Music" engagement (Clarinet - Accordion - Tuba Trio).
The Accordionist booked the job and did not  show-up,  the Tuba player did
not know many songs, and those he did play were JUST NOTES.  This was
utterly "miserable" for me as the Clarinetist.  2.  (July 2002)  Booked to
play for a retirement center with an Accordion and Drums.   The Accordionist
(not the same as in #1)  booked the job, had a Flat and lost his way.  The
Dummer was a very nice lady, who was just beginning to learn percussion.
This wasn't as "miserable" as #1 above, but does not merit repeating again.
"Keeping hope alive"

Benny Theiler