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Boy, Luis, that is another can of worms.  I am reading a book now about the
Creoles in Louisiana.  There are so many different designations.

At one time it was ANY French speaking child born in the New World. (In
Louisiana).  Then the word was used to designate a mix of French and Negro
blood.    At one of the seminars I attended in New Orleans, it seems that
the mix could have easily been American Indian and French or perhaps Mexican
and French.  There was not a box to mark during the census taking for
anything other than "colored" or "white".

One interesting fact about Storyville is that the Creole prostitutes made
more money than the white women.  Sometimes they chose the designation of
Creole so that they had a higher standing in their profession.

I am still reading all I can about that part of history.

Musical content: "Creole Love Call".


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> <<He was born into a Creole family of 10 children on Feb. 4, 1909, in New
> Orleans.<<
> In which definition of Creole is he in? could be white Creole from French
> family?
> Luis Flores
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