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> Fred Spencer wrote: (polite snip)
> "I played in a most unprofessional, scruffy trio on the streets of New
> York City - trumpet, guitar, and drums....moved on by one of the guards.
> Thence to the bottom of Central Park where we made $19.00

Steve Barbone wrote:

> When Barbone Street did that Ice Cream Social for the University of
> in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago, on the break, we came upon a
> trumpet player working at a street corner two blocks away....We
> asked how much money he made per day. Answer $150 to $200, all tax free.

Bob Ringwald writes:

Dick Cary once told me about traveling with a group of all-stars through
Europe.  They got ready to leave the hotel but couldn't find Joe Venuti.
They finally found him across the street in the train station, playing
violin with his case open, collecting tips.

Placerville, CA USA