[Dixielandjazz] Strange gigs

James Kashishian kash@ran.es
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 14:45:18 +0200

For many years we were "adopted" by the face cream company NIVEA based
in Madrid for all of their gatherings of distributors, etc.  Each one
was a  bit "strange":

In one, a vacant factory floor had been papered off between pillars to
make a "room" where the people could be given a meal.  Once inside the
paper walls, it looked just like a room, although it was just a small
part of the large empty loft.  The tables were spaced unusually far
apart to allow for what was the big surprise.  

The surprise was our band squeezed into a Seat 600 convertible.  This is
a typical Spanish car from the 1960's which was really, really tiny.  I
believe they had a 600 cc motor.  At the right moment, the car, loaded
with the band, fired up its motor & we started playing The Saints, as
the car smashed through the paper wall & drove around all the tables.  

Another gig for the same people was at a monastery turned hotel.  We sat
up in the dining room, and were told the people were at the gaming
tables (which was weird as it was illegal in Franco's time, but then
Nivea was a special company!).  We were once again asked to play The
Saints on cue when the diners would enter.  Little known to us was the
fact that the all male crowd was dressed one & all in Superman outfits.
When the doors opened, and The Saints began, about 200 Supermen "flew"
into the room with their capes soaring behind them.  They were just
running, not flying, as they were really boozed up.  One of them seemed
to be especially thrilled with the idea of wearing his red underwear on
the outside of his tights, and was not shy in playing the role of the
gay one at the party.  

Thems in the band that had horns in their mouths couldn't play for
laughter, so it was basically a rhythm section song until all were

I've got more if anyone wishes to try to get the "Strangest Gig Yet"
trophy off of me.  It will be hard going for anyone who tries........