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Bob Romans cellblk7@attbi.com
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 20:38:46 -0500

To delete a bunch of messages, hold down the shift key, go up or down to the
last message you want to delete, hit the shift key, and when they are all
red...hit delete! Works for me!!!
Bob Romans
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Date: Thursday, August 08, 2002 8:28 PM
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>> Pat Ladd writes:
>> can one of you experts out there please tell me if there is a way to
>> posts `en masse`.
>> I have dozens of unread posts which accumulated during my holidays which
>> shall never read and deleting one at a time is going to take a week.
>> Please! Anybody?
>Can't help this time, but suggest in future, you subscribe to "digest"
mode. Then you can quickly eliminate, or read a day's worth of messages in a
very short period of time. Big advantage also in that one can also follow
the threads much more easily. Or set the list to "digest" mode when you go
on vacation.
>Biggest disadvantage is that you do not receive individual messages as soon
as they are sent and may be a little late in commenting on them.
>Steve Barbone
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