[Dixielandjazz] Beebe's kids and other young folks

Nancy Giffin nancyink@ulink.net
Tue, 06 Aug 2002 13:12:54 -0500

Regarding today's festival goers not knowing who greats from the past,
Jim Beebe <JimDBB@aol.com> wrote:

> [edited snippet] I am sorry to have to answer this rather dismally.  I don't
> think that five percent would know who those greats were.  Sad, isn't it....
> [edited snippet] I Just discovered that my two adult sons don't know who
> Stephen Foster is. I was flabergasted.  What's more they didn't recognize
> any of the titles of his classic songs...Swanee River,  etc....
> [edited snippet] My 20 yr old daughter ... asked If I ever heard of the song,
> "Beautiful Dreamer."  I said, of course, that is a Stephen Foster classic.
> ... I started to give her a talk on Foster and how his immortal songs were
> such a part of the American soul.  She didn't want to hear about it.  I am
> pissed about this.

As a younger person, I have to remind Jim and others that we've been exposed
to something completely different -- OUR generation's music. So while it may
be a shame that we missed out on classic material, it's not our fault for
not knowing what our elders know. Jim, I know it's frustrating not being
able to share these things with your kids, and I'm sorry about that. (Sigh.)


1) You can meet and exchange music and memories with contemporaries, and

2) You have others, including younger folks like me, who DO want to hear
what you have to share.

I appreciate the music of my parents' generation and marvel at the quality,
on so many levels. I also enjoy reading your stories of bands and musicians,
and being able to live vicariously a lifestyle so different from my own.

As for appealing to young people, ANY young people, in an effort to expose
them to a treasure trove of great music they're unaware of, especially when
you're out playing for them at THEIR venues, on THEIR "turf" (as the wise
Barbone suggests you do):
I would only say that if you wish for them to be interested in what YOU
like, then kindly show SOME interest in what THEY like. Sharing is a two-way
street, and we don't necessarily have to like or embrace what is being
shared, but LISTENING does open the door to communication, while any
condemning, criticizing or condescending slams the door shut (IMHO).
Later, on this list, you can freely express what you REALLY think of their
music!!! LOL

This coming Sunday will be the Sac. Trad. Jazz Society meeting that
showcases the annual JAZZ CAMP graduates. I hope all the locals will be
there to encourage and applaud them. See you there, I hope.

Love and hugs,