[Dixielandjazz] Marsalis concert

brian.harvey5 brian.harvey5" <brian.harvey5@ntlworld.com
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 16:27:01 +0100

How sad both Jim Beebe and John Petters sound.
Phrases like "I would rather listen to........................than rep bands
of young musicians trying to play in older styles without any real affection
for the music" make me wonder whether they should be in the jazz business at
John Petters various bands all try to play in the style of bands that are
long gone - viz his King Oliver recreation band - is he saying that his
trumpet men Ken Sims and Cuff Billet are actually better than the originals?
Or that they should not try to emulate the originals?
All classic jazz of today is derivative, as is what the Lincoln Centre
Ochestra were playing. What makes the Petters - Beebe versions of old jazz
any better than that of Wynton Marsalis?
As for Peters ridiculous remarks about current New Orleans brass bands - he
bases his opinion on a snatch of one CD. John - go to the city, listen to
them all then comment, not before. You are not qualified.
And back on the subject of the Lincoln Centre Orchestra - I cannot help
feeling that neither of you heard and studied the late Ellington, Basie and
Herman bands. Had you done so you surely would not be so fast of the mark
with your comments.