[Dixielandjazz] Offended by 'Dixieland'?

Charlie Hull Charlie Hull <charlie@easysounds.com>
Mon, 05 Aug 2002 06:35:07 -0700

I don't find the term offensive at all.  The target group for my Band's
services are not jazz afficionados, just people looking for happy music that
will make their clients or party attendees feel good and spend their money.
There's no other term that universally conjures a vision of a few horns and
a rhythm section playing bright 'feel good' music, maybe even with straw
hats and striped vests.

Who gives a damn.  We don't view ourselves as 'artists' or perpetuators of a
dying and underappreciated art form; Just musicians who like the trad jazz
form and tunes and play them for enjoyment and would rather get paid for it
than sit home and jam.  And when we have fun we show it (sorry -- never
learned to be 'cool') and then the audience has fun.  And the word spreads,
and other people hire us.

For you poor souls full of pent up anger which can be alleviated by griping
about an everyday useful word, I'm going to give you the opportunity:


You're welcome

Charlie Hull www.kstreetramblers.com