[Dixielandjazz] Re: QuikCop? What is this?

Bill Haesler bhaesler@nsw.bigpond.net.au
Sun, 04 Aug 2002 09:18:34 +1000

Dear mates,
I just replied to David Livingston's query personally, with a cc to DJML, and
received the QuikCop message from David's ISP!!!!
This time I did not answer it.
It certainly looks like a spammer thing rather than a virus.
However it means we will have all our personal replies to DJMLer's messages
blocked unless we open "it".
"It" is (or seems to be) a proper web site.

I just gave it a 'Google' search, found the QuikCop site and the following:

QuikCop is a revolutionary spam filter that monitors all of your incoming email,
much like "Spam Police" might do. When a message comes to you, the QuikCop
compares the message to your Friends & Acquaintances list to see if the message
is acceptable to you. If it is, then it is delivered as normal. If not, then the
message is put into a holding cell and an email response is sent to the sender
of the message. The message explains to the sender that they are not on your
list of Friends & Acquaintances, and therefore not allowed to send you email.
However, if the sender would like to be allowed to send you mail, they click on
a link and sign up on a web page that is made just for you and your Friends &
Acquaintances. Once the person has signed up on your list, the mail they send
you will be delivered and the jailed message is also delivered. Spammers will
not take the time to put themselves on your list, and in the event they do, you
can go to the QuikCop Control Page and put them on your Reject list. Anyone on
your reject list will have their messages put into the holding cell regardless
of whether or not they sign up on your list. You can view the messages in the
holding cell at any time and have any or all of them delivered to you. Any
messages that are not delivered within 48 hours are deleted permanently.

This would imply that the affected DJMLers signed up in some way.
I recall Bill Gunter(?) threatening to use a 'spam filter' at one stage.
If the 4 members whose mail is being blocked did not initiate QuikCop, how do
they deactivate it?
It (so far) appears to be confined to our list.
Kind regards,