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Elazar Brandt jazzmin@actcom.net.il
Fri, 2 Aug 2002 09:58:57 +0200

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the clarification. Actually I was asking sort of tongue-in-cheek
because I thought it was funny that you made such an issue of standing up when
that seems the normal position for playing your instrument, I had a laugh trying
to picture you seeking alternate positions in an effort to break the rule. I
suppose a stool would work, though.

At this stage of my life and career (age 50), I never sit when performing unless
the situation is VERY informal, like jamming in someone's living room. Or maybe
if I'm "sitting in" with a band and everyone else is already sitting. I'm a big
guy, and the difference in presence between sitting and standing is night and
day. If I ever really need to sit during a performance, I also will use a stool.


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>>>But wait a minute, Pat, don't you play STAND-UP BASS? Or am I confusing
you with
a different Pat?<<<

        I play both....lately more electric than standup.  There are some
very fine players use a stool to play standup.  I prefer to stand up with
either bass.
        I tried using a stool to play standup....it just didn't feel right
to me.

          Pat C.

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> Pat Cooke wrote:
> >       Yes!  Absolutely! No Question!  Standing looks better.  I can't
> >for others, but I feel I play better when I'm standing.  I can really get
> >into the rhythm when standing.
> >       A rule? Please don't make it a rule.  If it were a rule, I'd be
> >inclined to break it.
> But wait a minute, Pat, don't you play STAND-UP BASS? Or am I confusing
you with
> a different Pat?
> Elazar
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