[Dixielandjazz] ENERGY, sitting or standing?

David W. Littlefield dwlit@cpcug.org
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 19:46:49 -0400

I think standing up, for the front line anyway, is much preferable to
sitting, for several reasons: 1. The band *looks* ready for action. 2. the
horns can groove and move while playing, and convey fun and energy much
more effectively. 3. they can move out of the way so the back line soloists
can be seen. 4. the players can move around to be close together for
tighter interactive ensemble or backup playing, 5. move around for
directing solo traffic, communicating directions, routines, implementing
impromptu ideas; conversely, sitting down ties them to one place, reducing
communication of all kinds. 

Of course, sometimes physical problems require a player to sit, but while
it might look better for the others to sit also, I think the communication
factor is so important that the other horns should stand so they can move

I'd prefer that the rhythm section stand, but it doesn't have anywhere the
negative effect of sitting horns; some rhythm folk play better when
sitting, because of the weight of banjo and tuba or the size of upright
basses, plus sitting gives one better leverage when one is using both hands
to play.


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>Hi All,
>Does standing up create a better impression than seated? What's the
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>A year ago I saw a group at a small OKOM festival.  I had seen most of
>those musicians playing in other bands and they were wonderful.  But not
>this day.  I saw/listened to one tune and left.  They had no energy at
>all.  The front line sat in chairs.  Even the front man when he was
>talking to the audience just sat their, slouched in his chair.   
>I was apprehensive about them playing at our local jazz club's meeting
>two weeks ago.  However, it was like a different band showed up.  The
>front line stood on stage.  Their music had energy.  And the musicians
>had energy.  
>The musicians were the same at both gigs.
>Just sharing my observation.
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