[Dixielandjazz] Ain't that the truth was Barbone Street Review

Charlie Hooks charliehooks@earthlink.net
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 18:27:52 -0500

on 7/31/02 4:15 PM, Stephen Barbone at barbonestreet@earthlink.net wrote:

> What a pity that many of us who love OKOM don't see fit to make an
> effort to expand it's audience. What is the alternative?  To preside
> over it's demise?

    Exactly.  And I, for one, intend to leave no bead unthrown, no hat
unworn, no joke untold that will land another gig.  Garage bands are all
very well, but I'm too old for them now; I want gigs to pay money, and at
times the people with the money want to have fun.  Can't think why.